Benefits of Membership

Limited Practice Size

Our physicians provide care for a maximum of 400 patients each, whereas a traditional primary care doctor may have up to 3000 patients. Caring for fewer patients allows us to be more available, accessible, and responsive, and gives us ample opportunity to provide you with more personalized attention. Contacting us is effortless, as you have access to your own physician’s personal cell phone and email address. We provide 24-7-365 phone coverage for any urgent medical issues or emergencies that may arise.

Limited Practice Size.

Care Coordination

We are your advocate in a complex healthcare system. At PersonalMDs, our small practice size allows us to coordinate your medical care with your other physicians. We may reach out to your specialist before you meet with them to discuss the reason for your referral. After your appointment, we may contact you to review the visit, answer additional questions you may have, and make sure you receive appropriate follow-up care. We are affiliated with the specialists at Brigham and Women’s HospitalNewton-Wellesley HospitalMassachusetts General Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute via the Mass General Brigham system (formerly known as Partners Healthcare).

Care Coordination and patient journey

Proactive, Preventive Care

While we believe that timely recognition and treatment of medical conditions is important, we feel it is essential to help you embrace healthy living habits to prevent future illness. We offer complimentary services such as nutrition counseling and personal training to help you with your diet and exercise program. Our care includes traditional age and situation-appropriate immunizations, cancer screenings, and cardiovascular assessments, but we also embrace new medical technologies such as advances in cardiac and genetic testing. We recognize that stress and mental health are important contributors to your well-being, and we offer resources to help you manage these.

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Sometimes you may wish to discuss a health concern, but you may not be able to come into our office for an appointment. A telemedicine visit is perfect for this situation. Telemedicine allows you to receive medical care from us remotely – via phone, email, or video technology such as Zoom or FaceTime. This provides you with convenient access to us regardless of your location. Often, we are able to address many of your questions without an in-person appointment. You’ve developed a rash and don’t know what to do? Send us a photo over email and we’ll provide you with guidance. If we determine you need a medication, we can send a prescription electronically to almost any pharmacy in the United States.

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Travel Health

Planning a trip overseas can be exciting, but it may come with its own unique health considerations. Want to make sure you’re well prepared? While not all destinations require vaccines and medications to keep you healthy, certain regions of the world do. We are available to help you safely prepare for your upcoming travel so you may enjoy your trip. We provide advice to help reduce your risk of exposure to infections that are endemic to some locales. Ideally, we encourage you to contact us at least four weeks prior to travel so we have adequate time to assist with your planning. Depending upon your destination, your treatment plan may include a regimen of vaccines, antibiotics, antidiarrheals, and medication for malaria prophylaxis.


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